Give Life to your CD Collection with the B2 by Martin Brennan

The Brennan B2 is is a great gift for anyone with a large CD Collection. This little machine is unbelievable. watch the intro video below:

Did you know you can also Load music you purchased from Amazon to your B2

the B2 comes in various storage sizes you can choose from. 64GB for $449, 500GB for $499, 1TB for $599 and 2TB for $679 in either Black or Metallic. I don’t even understand the 64GB version especially considering it’s $449 and the 500GB is $499

The B2 has text based search that searches all artists, albums and track names for the snippet of text that you enter – either by remote control or by turning the knob. When you think the number of matches is low enough you press next and scroll through the matches. You can control the B2 from laptops, smart phones and tablets by entering the IP address displayed on the B2 device. Type then IP address into any web browser on the same Wifi network and you can control the B2 through the Web UI.


The back of this device is a beast full of ports

  • 24V DC – from the AC adaptor
  • USB A Port for Wifi Dongle
  • 2 Right and 2 Left for Speakers
  • USB B Port
  • USB C Port for Bluetooth dongle
  • SPDIF / Line out – picture shows our optical cable – sold separately.
  • Aux in – tuner, turntable, ipod etc you can record from this input so you could use it to transfer from vinyl to mp3
  • Wifi dongle
  • Bluetooth dongle

There are two slots for Ethernet cables. You need to unscrew the back panel to plug the cable directkly into the Raspberry Pi. You don’t need Ethernet but it could be used to provide more consistent internet access if your Wifi is getting a bit congested and it frees up a USB port.

The HDMI socket comes directly from the Raspberry Pi – it is not used by the initial release of the B2 software – actually you will see a lot of diagnistic messages if you connect a TV – but it is likely that later releases of the B2 software will provide a TV based UI.

The SD card on the side goes directly into the Raspberry Pi. It has been left exposed so that hobbyists can experiment with the B2 hardware by substituting their own SD card.


Massive CD Database

B2 can obtain album and track names from the internet. But also has a huge internal database so it can work without an internet connection. The chart below shows how the 3.2 million CD database divides into ten broad categories. The classical genre alone contains 300,000 CDs – that’s 1.8 miles of different CDs side by side.


This little guy is a great gift for any guy you know with a huge CD collection. If anyone has ever asked you “How do I digitize my CD collection” this is it. I would recommend them the B2 by Martin Brennan. If they ask why then let them know it rip CDs with one click (using FLAC lossless audio) and find any track in a matter of seconds,  includes web interface, Internet Radio and optional Bluetooth, is constructed from solid aluminium, with a bright OLED display legible from across the room and even includes a Raspberry Pi Linux computer inside that you can login to and program yourself. All of this in 1 device.

Who is Martin Brennan

Martin Brennan is a computer engineer who developed pioneering personal computers such as the Loki (for Sinclair Research) and the Atari Jaguar video game console.

A physics graduate of Cambridge University, he was a co-founder of Flare Technology,[1] a design house involved in the design of the ill-fated Konix Multisystem.

Brennan initially worked for Sinclair Research where he designed the digital electronics and software in ZX Interface 1 before going on to found Flare with ex-Sinclair colleagues John Mathieson and Ben Cheese. After working at Flare on the Flare 1 and its development into the Konix Multisystem he went on to work for Atari developing the Atari Panther and the Atari Jaguar.

In 1997 Brennan founded the “Cheap & Cheerful Chip Company” which later went on to become Global Silicon Limited

In 2007 Brennan designed the Brennan JB7 digital jukebox[3] produced by 3GA Ltd (Third Generation Audio)

The second generation audio player, Brennan B2 with web interface, based on the Raspberry PI chipset, is available as of 2015.  Source =

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