What is a Cue Sheet?

What is a Cue Sheet and Why is it So Important?

A Cue Sheet is a standard form required whenever your music is used in any audio/visual media.  The Cue Sheet not only lists where and when your music appears in the “video” but also the who.  From the Composer(s) to the Arranger(s), the Publisher and your PRO.  Especially if you plan on getting paid.  Your PRO will be the one’s keeping track of how many times it was played so that composers and publishers receive royalties due.  If there is more than one composer or their is a publishing split of the royalties it must all be noted on the Cue Sheet.  The Cue Sheet is a detailed log of all the music used in a production.  You only need to fill it out once and that’s based on the original air date.  If it’s a TV Show that happens to be in syndication your PRO will make sure you receive your royalty so there is no need to fill out a Cue Sheet each time.

Who is Supposed to Fill Out The Cue Sheet

In most cases the Production Company is responsible for filling out the form and supplying all parties with a copy as they are the one’s licensing the music/your work.  This is where the Music Supervisor comes in as he usually helms the audio/visual project and its his job to make sure the audio and video work well together.

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